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G&C Fab-Con, LLC

James Griffith construction

G&C Fab-Con, LLC. is a full-service construction company that specializes in the construction of veteran cemeteries. Projects include the installation of lawn crypts and columbarium, excavation, site work, utility installation, roadway construction, structural concrete, buildings, interior renovations, irrigation and construction management.

G&C is owned and opperated by James Griffith, who has 25 years experience in the US Army Medical Department as a general diagnostic radiologist. After an injury received on active duty, James retired with the rank of Colonel and in October 2005 he formed G&C Fab-Con, LLC. His family has been in the mortuary business for over 100 years and since the company’s inception in ’05, G&C has successfully completed several Federal, State, and local goverment projects mostly in the northeast and midwest United States. The Staff is competent, professional and diverse in age, gender, and race, making G&C a top choice for any project.

I am proud to be the president of G&C Fab-Con and honored to be able to continue to serve the veterans of the United States Armed Forces.
— James Griffith, President